I Am Grateful For This Moment

Clarity is a big one!  I believe we all ask for it.

Does God exists?  Should I take this job?  Am I good enough?  How well did it come out?  Is it salty enough?  What’s on the other side?  If I jump, will I land on my feet?  What if it doesn’t work out?  What is my true purpose?


Right?  We may always be asking but do we really pay attention when the answer comes?  What if that answer comes again and again?  Do we follow it?  How clear do we need that answer to be?

I constantly receive thoughts…answers regarding questions I continue to ask over and over again.  Why do I not hear or follow these thoughts?  They just appear out of no where and it’s just not convenient to follow that idea or it’s not clear enough or that idea won’t make money or many would think I’m crazy for following that idea!


If it were as simple as answers coming in an envelope with my name on it self addressed from God or The Universe or Answer Box, what would be the point?  Take the leap of faith…when you hear the thought, listen to it, follow it…experience it.


Today, my clarity came to me so loud and clear.  My question was, “how can I start this project without the resources I need?”  Words came into my mind but I thought it was completely nuts.  These “answers” kept swirling in my mind when I would be in the shower, making dinner or doing my morning routine.  I had decided to research the words that kept coming up in my mind as if someone were telling me these words.  As I did, it all fell into place and made so much sense.  I wondered why I didn’t take these words seriously weeks ago when I heard them.  I am grateful for this moment.

Next time you have a question or a request for clarity, pay attention to what enters your mind and listen to the answer(s) that come.

You have all that you need to balance energies in your life.



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