“Those who are certain of the outcome can afford to wait, and wait without anxiety”

I need to remind myself with this beautiful phrase from A Course In Miracles every now and again that life is full of love, abundance and harmony.  It’s here and there’s a lot to go around.  Be patient, think positive thoughts, take opportunities when it reveals itself, and be at peace with oneself and just let go.

I’m enjoying my journey, thus far. I have met some really great people and I look forward to meeting more great people. I have never set goals without giving thought to my financial outcome. For the first time I have goals that would strike my ego as silly and dumb.  I have done a lot of work in following my inner guide and standing up to my ego mentality. Very difficult. If you’ve ever tried, you know what I mean. If you’ve never tried, you must try it!  There is much to gain from not listening to the perceptions of the ego.

We often talk to God, the universe, a higher power and make specific requests. How many times have we thought God or the universe was just not listening? What if our request was heard, but it’s just not the right path for nor the right time? Maybe there is a different path we must walk to gain something spiritually to pass on to others?  To share with the universe in spreading love, positive energy and harmony.

We need to listen to the messages that are sent to us. With the spinning that occurs as we travel through life, these messages are often missed. Slow down, be still…meditate.  The same messages continues to get sent. It’s good to know the universe doesn’t give up on us.  The universe has our back.


Peace and Harmony



2 thoughts on ““Those who are certain of the outcome can afford to wait, and wait without anxiety”

  1. Love this insight….So true, if you find the cycle repeating itself then you missed the universe communicating with you. ..

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