Bring In The Good Chi!


Some days I feel overwhelmed!  I have so many things in my head that I feel I’ve lost control.  These are moments that have me feeling depleated with thoughts of “I must organize myself to stop spinning”.  Today we are all so busy trying to create happiness in our lives and in our family’s lives yet the more we do, the more hectic our days become.  This spinning leads to lowered energy levels where I lack inspiration or motivation.  When I get to a place like this, I find that all I truly need to do is apply some feng shui in my space and my energy level rises again.


This is where my lovely B.E.L. planner comes in handy!  I flip to the bagua map to look at the areas I need to revitalize energy.  I usually sit with a cup of coffee in hand on a Sunday morning,  and make notes with reliable information I gather online or from my Feng Shui books.   I also put some focus on my goals of well-being and spirituality and look through my week.   Whether it’s placing fresh flowers at the entranceway, playing music in my creative corner, adding a blue pillows in my living room or putting cream color linen in the bedroom, the applications are done with a clear mind and positive thoughts.

Chi is all around us and all we need to do sometimes is pay a little more attention to it 🙂

Wishing you a life full of balanced energies!

Jennifer Wu Salemo


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