Cancer is Not a Disease

Today I write about something most of us don’t like to talk about.  It’s the C word…Cancer.  Lately this word is popping up more and more.  We used to hear about it on the news or a friend of a friend’s relative has been diagnosed.  Cancer seems to be apart of everyone’s life these days.  I pick up my daughter from school yesterday and she tells me her teacher is going to a wake of a friend’s who was only 38 years old.  This woman lost at her battle with cancer.  In the next breathe, my daughter tells me Father John of our town just died a couple of days ago from his battle with cancer.  My good friend just recently lost a friend with cancer, now has a neighbor who has recently been diagnosed with cancer and has been suggested to undergo surgery to remove bone and replace with rods.  It is scary.  Question is,” have we really fought this possibility that more and more people are going to die from cancer?”  The truth is we can take better care of ourselves than we have.  We can tune in to the good that can fuel more good.  We can choose not to eat the things we know we are not supposed to eat.  We can choose not to buy certain products containing ingredients we know have been proven to cause cancer.  We can work on our minds and become positive thinkers rather than get caught up in the negative thoughts we so comfortably choose to fall into.  Today, we have the world at our fingertips to research any questions one may have about what’s in the food, how does thought effect water, what does meditation do for your health, and so on.

Did you know we all have potential cancer cells in our bodies?  Cells have a big job in our bodies and work to get us our oxygen and nutrients to give us energy and keep us healthy.  The problem is there is much toxin brought into our bodies through food, body products (soap, shampoo, lotion, etc.), stress and negative thoughts, etc.  The cell is sometimes working overtime and trying to fight off the toxins.  A process called apoptosis occurs to destroy old or bad cells in order to produced fresh new cells.  However when apoptosis doesn’t take place, the cell becomes irregular and may turn into a cancer cell.  These are signs of overage in toxins.

We as humans have choices to treat our bodies well.  We all have an inner voice and we just need to listen to it.  There are some great sites to help in getting a clearer picture of how our body works to help prevent cancer. I’d like to share some of these sites…

This is in no way a suggestion for people seeking medical advice.  I am only sharing my point of view.

May we all live a life filled with balanced energies!

Jennifer Wu Salemo


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