When do you trust your gut and when do you fight resistance?
I’ve been at points in my life where it’s just so foggy up ahead and yet I just want to keep pushing forward because I know it’s just what I’ve got to do. Yet there are other times when I’m feeling so obligated to doing this one thing but everytime I think about doing it, I get really stressed that a part of my body actually hurts. If you’ve ever read Steven Pressfield’s book Do The Work, you’ll get such a clearer idea of what and who resistance is. So many successful people whom have attained their goal have met that evil monster, RESISTANCE and continued on their journey because it just meant that much to them to reach their new marker. Much of the time the resistance is YOU with a fear of taking on a new project, task, position, idea what have you and thinking you’re going to fail at this new thing. Basically, when you get the courage to push forward, don’t look back and in most cases it was the right move. If you fail at it, chances are you will have another shot at it. If you never take that leap because of your fears (resistance) you will always be wondering about the chance. Regret is a way heavier burden than failure.  Failure only tells you to stay on the path but try it differently or work on it some more to make it better.

As I mentioned last week, I have been spending some time trying to figure out where I’m to go.  This has been a very healing time where I am creative and spend a lot of time reading and make up so much missed time with my family, however there is a lot of pressure come spring.  That’s the time the business I was running for over 10 years before moving on to a company I had ended up leaving, opens up again.  I say pressure because I had been asked to come back to run this business.  Don’t get me wrong, I had very many wonderful moments there.  The problem is  I had also lost my identity.  I worked hard there…really hard and any hard-working person understands how you can find yourself in a place where you don’t recognize yourself anymore because so much of your time, so much of your mind and so much of your emotions are focused on your work.

In these months I’ve been receiving messages from the Universe, God, a Higher Power to speak to YOU and share with YOU.  I’ve never imagined blogging before.  As you can see, I’m not slick with my words as some bloggers can be witty and well-written.  I just want to share truth with you.  I want to speak to you about how positive thoughts and words bring positive energy which in turn brings on a positive lifestyle.

I’m going to stand up to RESISTANCE and realize it’s my ego that finds it so hard to believe I’m going to become a blogger.  I’m going to let that go and stay on this path.  I’m so grateful for a supportive family and having this time I have now to do this.  I believe this blog will make a great impact on my life and I will look back a year from now smiling as I read this.

May you enjoy an abundance of balanced energies.

Jennifer Wu Salemo


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