Close Call!


Today was a really good day. I had some loose ends tied up (that’s always a good feeling especially when you have been working on something and waiting for results for a while) and had lunch with the love of my life. It was also “Taco Night” a name my little girl gives Wednesdays because ever since we made tacos a month ago on this day of the week, it’s become a must have for dinner on Wednesdays and oh…she has a dance for this night too. Oh, yeah…I even remember doing yoga with my hubby this morning (never happens!), plus I had my 8 glasses+ of water to hydrate for the day. After cleaning up the kitchen I finally poored myself a glass of wine and sat down at my computer to find out someone I am pretty close to had a near death experience in the afternoon. She was unscathed and refused to stay at the hospital regardless of head trauma, however it was icy conditions and her vehicle flipped a couple of times on a road I used to travel quite often for 12 years until I moved. After I spoke to the family on the phone, I had felt something odd. She’s not bleeding nor does she have broken bones but you can’t help but think, wow…she’s quite lucky. She could have been pronounced dead on the scene or at the hospital or she could have been paralized for life. Not only did the vehicle flip twice, but her head hit the driver-side door window and broke it. I’m so grateful and will be dropping by with some delicious chocolate for her tomorrow!

What is it? Why do some people get taken away at a moment like this and why do some get to stick around? It’s a question I’ve asked myself, the universe and others pretty often. Most people, especially loved ones don’t want to talk about it so it’s kept me really curious. Is there something she was meant to do since birth and perhaps this near-death experience will push her to do this thing? Has she had a dream that she’s been afraid of living and this might get her to realized she almost left this world without fullfilling her heart and soul? Was she so fearful of dying while her SUV was flipping side, top, side, bottom, side, top, side and during these fearful moments, she was strong and true in thought of, “I’m not going to die right now!”?

She doesn’t remember much and was in a lot of shock when it happened. Her dad was told by a witness that a police officer was yelling loudly at her because she was walking around aimlessly on the road immediately after the accident. Whatever the reason, I’m so grateful I’m going to see her tomorrow. Give your loved ones a big hug or something sweet just because you love them.

Please send me your comments.  I’d really like to know what you think.  Have you been in a similar situation?  What were your thoughts?  Have you lived out your dream after the incident?  Thanks for reading and sharing.

Good night.


Yours truly,

Jennifer Wu Salemo


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